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The term “classical” can refer to both the instrument and the classical technique used when playing it. It does not necessarily refer to the kind of music being played.  Although, a classical guitarist can play classical music. Similar to musicians who play the violin or piano, the classical guitarist can play many different types of music with the same instrument. 

At Morgan Guitar Studio, you learn how to read standard notation. REAL NOTES! The focus is not on chord charts
or tablature, like other types of guitar lessons (although those can be covered briefly so that you understand them). One of the advantages to learning standard notation is that it is used in various forms across instruments. If you have experience in other instruments, imagine what it would be like to use “chord charts” or some kind of notation that nobody else uses when there’s a common alternative. It would be crazy, right? So, as a classical guitarist, using standard notation, you are becoming a more well-rounded musician overall. The knowledge you gain can often be used on multiple types of instruments, and you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with other musicians.

Another advantage to learning classical guitar is the technique. What you will learn will aid you in being able to play complex forms of beautiful music. You will not be “limited” by a poor technique. Instead, you can continue to learn more difficult pieces as you advance.  A guitarist that learns a classical technique is prepared to play many different types of music well!

Here is a picture that will help you determine what kind of guitar you have.

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